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Fair, Transparent and human

Distributing high-quality, differentiated food products alone isn’t enough. From the products we aggregate, to how we sell and deliver to consumers, we value facilitating social relationships along our food value chain and bringing shared values, like fairness and transparency, to people we work with.



There are no contracts with the producers we buy from. They issue their invoice for the products we buy.

- We pay them the price they ask except on rare occasions in which we ask them to lower their prices to remain competitive.

- We pay them within 7 days of receiving the invoice.

- We never make last-minute order cancellations.

- We work with them to set up a schedule for communication, ordering, and product delivery. Freedom to organise, and freedom of opinion are key factors for building stronger relationships with our partner producers.


Connecting consumers to the roots of their food is what we strive for. We provide food products with a story, preserving the producer’s identity from “purchase to delivery” so that consumers virtually meet the people behind the offerings and know the story of who, how and where their food products were grown and made.



On one hand, we build trust with our producers, visiting them at least two times a year and maintaining a close relationships with them. We share with them consumer reviews and feedback in relation to products while having conversations on key topics (price, working conditions, farming practices…) to identify their concerns and potential solutions. On the other hand, we value strong relationships with consumers and we have personal contact with them during the deliveries. Over the next several years, we will seek to facilitate direct relationships between Luxembourg-based consumers and Sicily-based producers by creating opportunities to visit each others in their own country.

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