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Tuesday, 21 September 2021 15:32

90 New Orange Trees For Salvatore Di Marco

Two orange varieties, ‘Tarocco Ippolito M2016’ and ‘Tarocco Scirè VCR’, in two different parcels.

This spring, Salvatore planted 90 new orange trees in two different parcels of his orchard, out of which 45 replacing 562mq of 70-80 year-old trees that were no longer producing as fruitfully. The remaining 55 were incorporated in a 1500mq parcel with appropriate spacing from existing orange trees which will be gradually removed in the coming years.

He planted two orange varieties, ‘Tarocco Ippolito M2016’ and ‘Tarocco Scirè VCR’, with the maturity timing from late January to March. He decided to adopt a drip irrigation system that allows him to reduce the use of water. Typically young citrus trees must grow for 5/7 years before they will flower and produce reasonable commercial volumes.

Purchased from a specialist nursery in Catania, the new trees are provided with the European Plant Passport (PP) which certifies compliance with all protective measures against pests of plants foreseen by Regulation 2016/2031.

What This Means For You

A fully mature Tarocco tree can produce around 60 kg of fruits each season. Due to the planting of new young trees, you can easily understand that we can source from Salvatore a less orange volume this season. Looking at new partner citrus growers is something we are working on now. So, don’t panic, please!

Old Orange Tree...dead.
Old orange tree...dead.
Young citrus grove with drip irrigation.
Young orange tree with drip irrigation.
New trees in Carbone
New young trees in Carbone parcel.
Existing old trees will be gradually removed.
Existing old trees will be gradually removed in Papa parcel.

Photo credits: Imma Di Marco.




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