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Tuesday, 22 November 2022 20:11

Pre-open NEWS 2022-23

"If you can dream—and not make dreams your master" (If - by R. Kipling).


No better words than this line of Kipling's poem can explain where I am at this point of my life: working hard to keep TheOrangeGirl project going well til the end while being conscious that it can no longer make my future, as I thought to be.  

At the orchard in Sicily

  • Increasing inflation, rainfall deficit and high heat until October (in Sicily, up to 26 ºC) ... you put all that together and you understand that Salvatore, like many other farmers, is experiencing increased production costs at the orchard (water cost for irrigation increased by 30% and we had to irrigate in October exceptionally).
  • Salvatore, aged 75, keeps on struggling to find skilled farmworkers to help him, as "agriculture is not picking an orange from a tree," he says. And, thinking medium term, even if he passed down the orchard to me and my sister, he expects us to cope with the same problems.

Price and products at the e-shop

  • I will be delivering for this season again, but only oranges, lemons and jams from my father's farm will be available at the e-shop. I am sorry to break up the business relationships with the other producers, but I am not able to handle higher purchase prices and high volumes this year.
  • The sales prices will be higher than last year. The higher price will cover the increased expenses for international transport, packaging, warehouse and the higher purchase price I will pay to the producer, ie my father ?. Of the sales price I receive from your order, I will pay about 40% to him.


  • Orders will be delivered to the "traditional" Delivery Points, which include selected home addresses in Senningerberg and Niederanven. You can also choose to pick up your order at my garage in Bettembourg.
  • No home delivery on demand for this season, except for elders, people with disabilities and people being seriously ill. Two reasons behind this decision: to reduce fuel costs and to manage the burden of shipping.
  • NEED FOR HELP: I look for a dedicated employee or a paid volunteer who can deliver orders to customers together with me. Do you know someone? Please send me an email as soon as possible.

December delivery

The e-shop will be open this week. Stay tuned!

Delivery Days: From December 15th to 17th

Order Deadline: December 9th




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