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Tarocco Oranges for juicing 6kg Box

22,00 € Weight: 6 kg
Producer: Salvatore Di MarcoSalvatore Di Marco

Oranges for juicing are just smaller size oranges than table ones.

Devouring our Tarocco, there are two distinctive flavors: first a round sweetness, then an acidic tang. The blood in the oranges comes from anthocyanin, the same pigment that makes blueberries blue and grapes purple. When you get that tangy bite of blood orange, you're tasting the pigment. The fruit's flesh is dappled with patches of red and the brightness varies according to the time of harvest.

Growing Technique: Outdoor. While Salvatore's orchard is not certified organic, he doesn't use harmful chemicals in production, and doesn't coat his citrus fruits with wax, fungicides or any other chemicals which are frequently used to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and enhance their appearance.

Variaty: Tarocco oranges

Harvest: December - March

Packaging: Carton box


Health benefits: Tarocco orange juice contains between 70-90mg/100ml of vitamin C, i.e. 40% more than any other citrus fruit. The vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, it is an iron absorption enhancer and protects from the ravages of free radicals. Thanks to anthocyans, the natural pigments that give the orange its color and unique taste, Tarocco orange is associated with improved cardiovascular health, controlling diabetes and reducing obesity (see source).

Salvatore Di Marco, citrus grower and olive oil producer in Francofonte, in the province of Syracuse, Sicily


Citrus grower

  Francofonte (Syracuse)


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