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Lemons 1kg

5,00 € Weight: 1 kg
Producer: Salvatore Di MarcoSalvatore Di Marco

Sort after for their intense taste and medium juice content, Salvatore's lemons have skin and pulp color ranging from light green to yellow citrine, according to the time of harvest.

Growing Technique: Outdoor. While Salvatore's orchard is not certified organic, he doesn't use harmful chemicals in production, and doesn't coat his citrus fruits with wax, fungicides or any other chemicals which are frequently used to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and enhance their appearance.

Harvest: There are four crops in a year. Primofiore (harvested from September to November), Limoni (harvested from December to May), Bianachetti (April–June), and Verdelli (May–July). 

Packaging: Mesh net bag

Net Weight: 1kg


Have you ever tasted Sicilian "seltz"? It’s a traditional thirst-quencher mainly found in kiosks in Catania and in bars in the Etna area. Three simple ingredients - soda water, freshly squeezed lemon juice and salt - keep your thirst away!

Salvatore Di Marco, citrus grower and olive oil producer in Francofonte, in the province of Syracuse, Sicily


Citrus grower

  Francofonte (Syracuse)


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